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Brighton Property Management

Welcome to Brighton Living. 

We are your boutique specialist for Property Management in Brighton and Hove, specialising in Brighton Lettings and Brighton Property Management. Discover the difference of our personalised Brighton Property Management and Brighton Letting services that cater to both property owners and tenants alike. Your satisfaction is our priority.

7 Reasons to Choose Brighton Living for Brighton Property Management

Personalised & Dedicated




A dedicated property manager

At Brighton Living, we are committed to delivering a level of personalised service that truly sets us apart. When you choose us, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that a dedicated property manager is at your service, available to assist you and your tenants from 8 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week, ensuring that your enquiries and tenants needs are addressed promptly.

What distinguishes us is the consistency of care. You'll always speak to the same dedicated property manager who knows your property intimately and genuinely cares about your success. We prioritise building a strong, trusting relationship with you, priding ourselves on going the extra mile to meet your unique needs.

Your dedicated property manager will be willing to put in the effort that many other Brighton Property Management and Brighton Lettings companies might not and we do this at a cost-effective price. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we're here to provide exceptional care for your Brighton property.

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Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Low Transparent Management Fee

While many other Brighton Property management and Brighton Lettings companies in Brighton may charge you exorbitant fees ranging from 12% to 20% plus VAT for their services and charge you extras costs for services that really should be included in their management fee, our approach is different. At Brighton Living Property Management, we firmly believe that you should reap the rewards of your property's success.

That's why we are committed to keeping our fees as low as possible. Our transparent fee structure includes a management fee starting at a lower standard price point than any other Brighton property management or lettings company and the best part is, there's no VAT on top of it! Further to this, we won't charge you for any extras. Everything is included in our management fee. We want you to enjoy the maximum return on your investment in your Brighton Property and our affordable rates reflect this commitment.


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Personalised Messaging

5* Communication

At Brighton Living, we understand that effective communication is the cornerstone of exceptional Brighton property management. Our approach to Brighton property and Brighton Lettings management and communication sets us apart:

  1. Personalised Landlord Communication: As a landlord, you'll be assigned a dedicated property manager, ensuring you always interact with someone who genuinely cares. This means no more speaking to a different person every time you contact your property management company. Our personalised approach towards Brighton property management and Brighton Lettings Management ensures consistent and meaningful communication, making your experience as seamless as possible.

  2. Dedicated Property Manager for Tenants: Each tenant in properties we manage is provided with a dedicated property manager's contact details. This property manager will ensure that each tenant is the right fit for your property. This central point of contact ensures tenants always know whom to reach out to, fostering a sense of being listened to, included and heard. 

  3. Availability and Value: We take pride in being available 7 days a week during waking hours for both tenants and landlords. You will be provided your property manager's personal mobile number, so there will be no more waiting for office opening hours!

Property Marketing

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Extensive On-Line Marketing

At Brighton Living, we excel in maximising your property's exposure and income through strategic marketing. Specialising in Brighton HMO Property Management, we understand the nuances of local property marketing.

Extensive Online Presence: We ensure your property is visible where it matters most. By advertising on major websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla, On the Market, Prime Location, Student Pad, Gumtree, Sturents and Facebook. We guarantee a wide reach for your property, attracting a diverse pool of potential tenants. This comprehensive online strategy is a vital part of our Brighton HMO Property Management services, ensuring your property receives the attention it deserves.

Tailored Marketing Strategies: Recognising that each property is unique, we work closely with you to determine the most profitable rental strategy. Whether it's renting your property as a single let, by the room, or transforming it into a holiday let, our expertise in Brighton HMO Management and Brighton Lettings Management allows us to offer the right personalised advice. We aim to maximise your rental income by aligning the marketing strategy with your property’s potential and your financial goals.

With Brighton Living, you're not just getting a property manager; you're gaining a marketing partner committed to maximising your investment's value. Our skilled team leverages their market knowledge and marketing expertise to position your property effectively in the competitive Brighton market.

Choose Brighton Living for a marketing approach that is as dynamic and unique as your property, ensuring you achieve the best possible financial return from your investment.

Local Knowledge

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Brighton Specialists

We know Brighton

At Brighton Living Brighton Property Management, our exclusive specialisation lies in the management of properties within the dynamic and culturally rich Brighton and Hove area. Our unwavering focus on this specific locale has allowed us to cultivate an in-depth knowledge of the local area and its distinctive dynamics.

When you choose Brighton Living as your Brighton Lettings company to undertake Brighton Property management or Brighton HMO property management, you not only benefit from our dedicated service but also gain access to our comprehensive understanding of this vibrant region. This invaluable expertise is the cornerstone of our success and enables us to navigate the local property market efficiently.

Our local knowledge extends beyond familiarity with streets and neighbourhoods. Our depth of insight empowers us to tailor our property management services explicitly to the unique demands of Brighton and Hove. We don't just manage properties; we ensure that our tenants feel part of the local community.

With Brighton Living, your property doesn't just exist; it thrives in the heart of Brighton and Hove. Experience the difference that local expertise makes in the success of your Brighton Property investment.


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Flexible Management

Property Management Your Way

At Brighton Living Brighton Property Management, we prioritise your preferences, ensuring our services align with your unique goals, all while maximising your property's potential. We pride ourselves on providing flexible solutions tailored to your needs as a property owner.

Unlike other management agencies, we're so confident that you'll love our Brighton Property Management and Brighton Lettings services that we don't feel the need to lock you into long-term contracts; you have the freedom to choose how long you work with us, adjusting as your needs evolve.

You also have the flexibility to select your preferred cleaning and maintenance teams, whether it's our dedicated in-house experts or your trusted professionals.

We put you in control of your Brighton property management strategy, offering you options when you want them. This could be choosing the right rental strategy for your property, choosing the right company to undertake work at your property or helping you to choose the right furniture or appliances for your Brighton Property.

Rental Strategy

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Letting Strategies that make sense

Property Strategies to suit you 

At Brighton Living Brighton Property Management, we specialise in versatile property management in Brighton, offering tailored strategies to suit your specific needs. Our goal is to optimize your property's potential and maximize your returns, all within the framework of our expert Brighton Property Management and Brighton HMO Property management services.

  1. Single Let Agreements: Ideal for landlords seeking stability and simplicity, renting your property through a single let agreement is a classic approach. This strategy is a cornerstone of our Brighton Property Management and Brighton HMO Property management services, offering a straightforward, hassle-free experience for both landlords and tenants.

  2. Renting by the Room: To maximize your property's income, consider renting by the room. Our meticulous Brighton HMO Management ensures that every tenant we place meets our high standards - the same standards we'd expect for our own properties. This approach not only maximises your income but also maintains a high quality of living for all tenants, a key aspect of our Brighton Property Management expertise.

  3. Short Term Holiday Let Service: For those interested in tapping into the vibrant tourism market of Brighton, our sister company, Brighton Air, offers a short-term holiday let service. This strategy can significantly increase your rental yield, leveraging the popularity and flexibility of holiday lets, while being expertly managed to ensure the highest standards.

With Brighton Living Brighton Property Management, you have a partner who understands the diverse nature of the Brighton Lettings Property market. Whether it's a single let, room-by-room rental, or a short-term holiday let, we tailor our approach to meet your individual goals, ensuring you benefit from the best Brighton property management.


Emmanuel, Brighton

What truly sets Brighton Living apart is their exceptional availability and responsiveness. They are always on hand to swiftly address maintenance, tenant or guest issues, or any concerns I might have. Their proactive approach and attention to detail in managing my property have exceeded expectations.

Christine, Brighton

I'm lucky to have found Brighton Living. They turned my rental into a highly profitable holiday let, doubling my income. Their dedication and expertise in maximising my properties potential whilst also catering to my specific requirements has been simply outstanding. I truly appreciate their attentiveness and their flexibility.

Rachelle, Brighton

I wholeheartedly recommend Brighton Living for their honesty, efficiency and excellence service. I approached them when I had no bookings for my 7-bed holiday let in Central Brighton. Their innovative approach to the property's management helped me achieve 80% occupancy throughout the winter months.

Paul, Brighton

Brighton Living's flexible style, industry knowledge and cost package simply destroys the competitors whilst not compromising on service and quality. I am so fortunate to have found them following a personal recommendation. They have saved me a small fortune whilst increasing my piece of mind since I brought them on board.

Vanessa, Brighton

Since Brighton Living took over the management of my properties, it has been flawless. They handle every aspect – from guest or tenant issues to maintenance – with such efficiency and professionalism, ensuring my rooms are always occupied. It's been an incredible, hassle-free experience working with them and a very profitable venture.

Dalla, London

After managing my HMO, they recommended STR.  Their strength is communicating with owners and guests helping to achieve excellent reviews helping secure future bookings. They held my hand from initially setting up my Airbnb profile to their ongoing handling of queries, bookings and cleaning. They are helpful at all times.

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Compare Our Fees

Total Fees less than half of other Property Management Companies.

A picture showing how Brighton Living only charge a flat 10% management fee including VAT with no added extras.
  • At Brighton Living, we pride ourselves on offering transparent and competitive pricing for our Brighton HMO Property Management and Brighton Property Management services. Our approach to cost is designed to provide maximum value to our clients, setting us apart in the realm of Brighton Property Management.

  • Transparent Management Fee: We charge a straightforward 10% management fee, with no VAT added. This competitive rate is part of our commitment to providing affordable Brighton HMO Management and  Brighton property management services, without compromising on quality or efficiency.

  • Inclusive Services: Unlike other property management companies, our management fee encompasses all our services. This means there are no hidden costs or additional charges for extras. Our comprehensive approach to Brighton HMO Property Management and Brighton Property Management ensures you receive full-service property management without any unexpected expenses.

  • No Mark-Ups on Third-Party Charges: When it comes to third-party services, we only pass on the actual charges with no mark-up. This policy ensures that you benefit from cost-effective solutions for maintenance and repairs, as we strive to find the most economical third-party providers without sacrificing service quality.

  • Shopping Around for Best Deals: Our team consistently shops around to secure the most cost-effective third-party providers. This diligent approach means that we not only save you money but also ensure that these services meet our high standards of quality, essential for effective Brighton Property Management.

  • Personalised Service: All of these cost benefits are delivered with a personalised touch that is unique to Brighton Living. Our dedication to individualized service ensures that each client and property receives the attention and care it deserves, a hallmark of our approach to Brighton Property Management.

Our Services

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Property Marketing

  • Online Listing on Major Portals: Featuring properties on Rightmove, Zoopla, and more for optimal visibility in the Brighton property market.

  • Social Media Campaigns: Utilizing Facebook, Gumtree, etc., to extend property reach, a vital part of Property Management Brighton.

  • Professional Photography & SEO Descriptions: Ensuring properties stand out with high-quality visuals and compelling, keyword-rich content.

  • Market Analysis & Custom Strategies: Tailored marketing plans to suit each property, enhancing our Brighton Property Management effectiveness.

  • Targeted Audience Engagement: Attracting suitable tenants through strategic marketing and advertising efforts.


Property Management

  • Regular Maintenance & Upkeep: Ensuring properties remain in top condition, a key aspect of Property Management in Brighton.

  • Effective Rent Collection & Arrears Management: Ensuring timely rent collection each month and implementing proactive strategies for handling non-payment scenarios, safeguarding your revenue as part of our dedicated Brighton Property Management services.

  • Regulatory Compliance Checks: Keeping properties up to date with local laws, an essential service in Brighton Property Management.

  • Efficient Property Management: Proactive and detailed management approach, reducing stress for landlords and maximizing investment returns.


Tenant Management

  • Thorough Tenant Screening: Identifying reliable tenants, crucial for successful Brighton Property Management.

  • Prompt Response to Tenant Issues: Ensuring tenant satisfaction and maintaining good relations, part of our comprehensive HMO Management Brighton services.

  • Lease Management: Handling agreements, renewals, and consistent rent collection.

  • Ongoing Tenant Support: Providing constant assistance and information, vital for a positive living environment in our Property Management Brighton services.

  • Regular Property Inspections and Tenant Feedback: Conducting routine inspections to ensure property upkeep and actively seeking tenant feedback.

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