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Maximizing Value, Minimizing Costs: The Brighton Living Approach to Property Management


In the dynamic world of property management, balancing cost-effectiveness with high-quality service is often a challenging feat. At Brighton Living, we’ve mastered this balance, offering landlords in Brighton a property management solution that maximizes value without hidden costs.

The Brighton Living Difference

Our approach is straightforward yet effective – a flat 8% management fee with no added VAT. This transparent pricing model stands out in the Brighton property market, ensuring landlords can budget effectively without worrying about unexpected charges.

Inclusive Service Offering: What sets Brighton Living apart is our all-inclusive service within this fee. Unlike other property management companies that often charge for extras, we cover everything from tenant vetting to regular property maintenance. This means landlords receive comprehensive Brighton Property Management services without additional fees for essential tasks.

No Mark-Ups on Third-Party Services: We understand the importance of maintaining your property’s condition. That’s why, when third-party services are necessary, we only pass on the actual cost. This policy is part of our commitment to cost-effective solutions, ensuring landlords don’t pay more than they need to for repairs and maintenance.

Shopping for Best Deals: Our dedication goes beyond just passing on costs. We actively shop around to find the most cost-effective third-party providers who also deliver quality service. This approach is crucial in our Brighton HMO Management and Assured Shorthold Tenancy services in Brighton, where keeping overheads low without compromising on service quality is vital.

Personalized Service: Despite our focus on cost-effectiveness, we never cut corners on personalized service. Each landlord and property gets individual attention, ensuring that your specific needs are met. This level of service is rare in cost-effective Property Management in Brighton.


At Brighton Living, cost-effective doesn’t mean lower quality. Our transparent fees, inclusive services, and commitment to finding the best deals without markup reflect our dedication to providing value for money. For landlords in Brighton seeking a reliable, financially savvy property management partner, Brighton Living is the go-to choice.

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